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Alan Alda's 'Flame Challenge' Illuminates Importance of Communicating Science


Chief Justice Roberts' Key Role in Health Care Ruling


What Changes Can Mexicans Expect Under Pena Nieto Presidency?


In Selecting Pena Nieto, Mexico Reinstates Party That Ruled Most of Last Century


News Wrap: GlaxoSmithKline to Pay $3 Billion in Fraud Settlement


What's Causing Unusually Hot Temperatures in U.S.?


From Wildfires to Heat Wave, Extreme Weather Batters U.S.


Mexican Elections: 'People Just Want a Change'


Mexican Photographer Captures Shades of Juarez


Shields and Gerson on Health Care Ruling, Contempt Vote


Has the Health Care Ruling Upped the Ante for Election Contenders?


EU Ambassador on Debt Crisis Deal: 'Major Step Forward'


Eurozone Leaders Agree to Bail Out and Supervise Banks


News Wrap: Judge Weighs Whether to Grant Bond in Zimmerman Case


Obama Visits Colorado's Wildfire Sites


News Wrap: Attorney General Holder Held in Contempt by Congress


From 'Hallelujah' to 'Sadness,' Health Care Stakeholders React


In Real Health Care Terms, What Does the Court Decision Mean for Citizens?


Emotions Run High Outside Supreme Court


Rep. Hoyer and Sen. Cornyn React to the Ruling


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