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Investigating how head injuries have delivered a blow to pro-football


Transforming teens into tomorrow's tech titans


White House top priority on raids: Go after those who 'seek to do us harm’


Colo. tourist destination suffers 'double whammy' of floods, government shutdown


Would lack of campaign donation limits unleash a new level of super-donors?


High court weighs balance of free speech, corruption risk in campaign donations


News Wrap: Government's insurance website goes offline overnight after glitches


States taking Medicaid opt-out option leave 'larger impact than expected'


Supreme Court opens doors to cases on campaign money, abortion


News Wrap: Karzai rules out U.S. security deal, cites sovereignty differences


House GOP plan unclear as Obama reiterates no negotiation under shutdown threat


Brooks and Dionne: Budget battle is 'debate with no substance'


Outstanding public servants honored amid shutdown furloughs


Twitter's revenue numbers reflect general shift of web from desktop to phone


Bitcoin gains mainstream interest after initial 'outlier' appeal


News Wrap: Tropical storm Karen closes in on the Gulf coast


As battle over shutdown continues, more critical debt ceiling deadline looms


For some wounded veterans, strong prescription drugs can be cause of more pain


Defaulting on U.S bond obligations could cause 'mother of all financial crises'


'We have an obligation to govern': Republican Rep. Dent on ending the showdown


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