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Is Climate Change Making You Sneeze More?


Strong Sense of Smell May Be Linked to Longer Life


Doctors Operate on the Brain to Treat Drug Addiction


Dandelions: One of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet


Technology Brings Change to Doctor’s Visits


WHO: Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children


UN: Malawi Is First Country to Vaccinate Children against Malaria


Forget Exercising: Surgeons Can Make the Stomach Look Muscular


Electric Shocks to the Brain May Help Older People’s Memory


Health Officials Worry About Rise in Measles


One Family's Efforts to Save Endangered Animals


Health Advice: Go to the Doctor Before Running a Marathon


One in Five Deaths Linked to Unhealthy Diet


Treatment Helps Body’s Natural Defenses Fight Cancer


Want to Help Bees? Plant Flowering Herbs


More Older Americans Using Marijuana to Treat Pain, Other Conditions


Diet Containing Lots of Eggs May Be Linked to Heart Disease


In the U.S., Some Men Are Helping Women Give Birth


Study: Young Women Lack Knowledge About Risks of Heart Disease


US Health Officials Move to Limit Sales of E-Cigarettes


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