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US Health Officials Move to Limit Sales of E-Cigarettes


Measles Progress At Risk Worldwide


Study Finds Some Brains Age Quicker Than Others


Powerful Magnets Can Relieve Depression


Group Uses Leftover Food to Feed the Hungry


Researchers Find Clues that Depression May Speed Brain Aging


Would Americans Let Edible Insects Come to Dinner?


People Unsure About 'Virtual' Doctor Visits


US Company Launches 'Zero-Waste' Shopping Model


Ways to Achieve Your Goals


Researchers Test for Cancer in a Person's Breath


US Health Agency Wants to Measure Pain


Healthy Children Not Growing Properly May Lack This


Vacation Spots Offer ‘Extras’ For Disconnecting Phones


More Companies Want Employees to Work Less


Non-Traditional Treatment Helps People Breathe Easier


New Exercise Trend Also Helps Environment


Home: Most Dangerous Place for Women


New Exercise Guidelines: Start Young, Sit Less


Mushroom Hunting Gains Popularity in US


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