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US Official: We Have the Tools to End AIDS Now


The Autistic Child: 'Different, Not Less'


Health Benefits of Pumpkins


US Changes Definition for High Blood Pressure


Foods for Better Mental Health


One Method for Controlling Emotions, Stress


The Benefits of Baby Talk


Three Out of Four Children Experience Violence


New WHO Study Finds Sharp Increase in Child Obesity


5 Habits of Very Successful People


Study Finds Beliefs About Boy and Girl Differences Start at Early Age


WHO: Too Many People Dying from Non-Communicable Diseases


Saying 'Sorry' Might Not Help Person You’re Rejecting


Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged Whites with Little Education


WHO: Environmental Pollution Kills Millions of Children Every Year


Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?


Heart Calcium Build-Up Increases Risk of Early Death


WHO: New Treatments Needed for Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'


Can Burnt Toast Give You Cancer?


Will Eating Less Help You Live Longer?


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