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"Superbug" Linked to Chicken Sickens People


Health Experts Warn of Overuse of Antimicrobials


Health Hackers: Alzheimer’s Patients Help Themselves


What is Pneumonia and How Do You Get it?


Are Millennials Changing U.S. Work Culture?


Unkind Words Hurt the Brain


Average Weight of American Men Increased 7 Kilograms in 20 Years


Antioxidants in Citrus May Fight Obesity-Related Diseases


Some Foods Can Be Medicine


More Zika in Florida, First Case in Hong Kong


Zika Could Affect Adult Brains, Says New Study


Coloring Books Can Cut Stress for Adults


Study: Cutting Out One Sugary Drink is Good for Your Health


Study: To Live Longer, Eat More Chicken and Plant-Based Protein


Polio Is Back in Nigeria


Researchers Exploring Ways to Fight Roundworm Infection


One Hour of Exercise a Day Fights Damage of Sitting


UN Wants Australia to Take Lead Against Asian Drug Traffic


Where Are the World's Tallest and Shortest People?


Spread of Disease Linked to Sandstorms in Sahel


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