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Running in Cold Weather Improves Performance


New Way to Prevent Peanut Allergies


New Treatment Helps Reduce Pain From Spinal Cord Injury


Disabled Rights Activist Honored by Google


Regrowth of Heart Muscle May Be Possible


Minerals Important to Your Health


Looking on the Bright Side Might Help You Live Longer


Zimbabwe’s “Friendship Bench” a Possible Model for Mental Health Treatment


Groups Seek to Ban Smoking at U.S. Colleges and Public Housing


In Fight Against Troubling Viruses, Vaccines Offer Hope


Can People Die of a Broken Heart?


Group Works to Bring Better Eyesight to People in Poor Nations


Sunshine Can Improve Cancer Odds


Many Americans Travel to Other Countries for Medical Care


Group Works to Reduce Holiday Trash, Clean Environment


Scientists Find New Step in Brain Development


Garlic: The Key to a Long Life?


Researchers Develop Long-Term, Drug Release Capsule


US Health Report: E-Cigarettes Not Safe for Young People


Therapy Pig Brings Relief to Stressed Travelers


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