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This Superbug is Too Strong for Antibiotics


WHO: 80% of Urban Residents Breathe Unsafe Air


Health Workers Advised on Care of FGM Victims


Researchers Develop Better, Cheaper, Faster Zika Test


White Women in US Are Dying Sooner


Rich People Even Have Better Stress Than Poor


Medical Mistakes, Third-Leading Cause of Death in US


Emergency Medical Care in a Backpack


How Babies Learn, When, and Even In What Position


Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others


Health Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa


Good for Agriculture, Bad for Public Health


Fighting Malaria, Brain Cancer and TB


Issues for the Elderly, and Those Who Care for Them


Help for Heroin Addicts


World Health Organization Urges Countries to Vaccinate Children


Fight Against Militants in Pakistan Leads to Advanced Treatments for Wounded


Malawi Hospital Expands Use of Electronic Records


What Is the Relationship Between Age and Happiness?


Can Folic Acid Prevent Childhood Autism?


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