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Camping Is Good for Your Brain


Experts: Polio Could Again Spread Worldwide


Swimming Is a Great All-body Workout


The Iceman's Last Meal


42 Percent of Americans Say Teen Sex Is ‘Morally Acceptable’


Doctors Treat Brain Cancer With Polio


Study Suggests Possible Bacteria Link to Nervousness, Depression


WHO Calls Extreme Gaming a Mental Health 'Disorder'


Researchers: Viruses May Help Cause Alzheimer’s Disease


The Next 'Wonder Drug' Is ... a Maggot?


Tobacco: What You Don't Know Can Kill You


Healthcare Workers Contain Ebola Outbreak


What Scientists Do and Do Not Know About Zika and Babies


Deadly Brain-Damaging Virus Outbreak in India


Benefits of Eating Together


Experimental Vaccine May Help Stop Spread of Ebola


Fasting May Help Your Brain


Kite-Flying Gives a Lift to People of All Ages


WHO Wants to Remove Trans Fats from Food


Smartphone Use May Lead to Addiction, Loneliness, Depression


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