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Researchers: No Worry About Cancer From Cellphones


Strong Relationships Equal Health, Happiness


Progress Made Against Malaria at Risk


Higher Flu Rates Reported Across the World


Researchers: Substance in Toothpaste Could Fight Malaria


Indian Scientists Invent Nose Filter to Protect Against Air Pollution


Could Vitamin C Help Fight Tuberculosis?


Good, Bad of Cold-weather Workouts


Large Review of Coffee Studies Finds ... Not Much New


Report Warns Against Selfies with Animals in Amazon


Food Cravings: They're All in Your Brain.


For Children, the Digital World Is Good and Bad


Experimental Therapy Saves Boy With Rare Disease


Flu Virus Can Be Deadlier Than War


US Official: We Have the Tools to End AIDS Now


The Autistic Child: 'Different, Not Less'


Health Benefits of Pumpkins


US Changes Definition for High Blood Pressure


Foods for Better Mental Health


One Method for Controlling Emotions, Stress


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