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Experimental Vaccine May Help Stop Spread of Ebola


Fasting May Help Your Brain


Kite-Flying Gives a Lift to People of All Ages


WHO Wants to Remove Trans Fats from Food


Smartphone Use May Lead to Addiction, Loneliness, Depression


A Lifetime of Exercise Slows Aging Process


New Definition of Alzheimer’s Could Help Identify Disease Sooner


Stem Cells Help Paralyzed Mice Walk


Using Virtual Reality to Make Users Want to Exercise


The Health Benefits of Gardening


Cooking Classes Aim to Restore Health After Addiction


Does City Living Hurt Mental Health?


What are the Healthiest Diets in the World?


The Health Benefits of Seaweed


Napping May Improve Learning, Memory


Young Brains of Super-Agers


Smoking Rates Around the World


Researchers: No Worry About Cancer From Cellphones


Strong Relationships Equal Health, Happiness


Progress Made Against Malaria at Risk


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