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Contrast in Color Between Tony and Oscar Awards


Concerns over Few Asians in Broadcasting, News


World Bids Farewell to Muhammad Ali


New Book Examines the Power of Young Introverts


They Remember Muhammad Ali in Louisville


'Warcraft' Movie Breaks Chinese Box Office Records


Maria Sharapova Suspended for Two Years


'Wonder Woman' Flies High on 'American Ninja Warrior'


Film Shows Soft Side of Muhammad Ali


Taylor Swift Crashes a Fan’s Wedding


'Jimmy Vestvood' Rejects Hollywood Iranians


Play Looks Into Workers' Lives When Car Industry Failed


Adele Tells Fan to Stop Filming Her Concert


How Can Golf Appeal to More People?


Children of Indian Immigrants Win Spelling Bee


Best US Beach? 'Dr. Beach' Says Hawaii's Got It


Madonna Feels the Heat After Billboard Music Awards


Iranian Film Star Wins Best Actor Award at Cannes


This Chewbacca Video Broke Facebook Live's Record


City of Immigrants Sees Itself in NBA’s Toronto Raptors


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