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Malala Yousafzai, a Year After the Attack


Lucky Livestock Go to Maryland Animal Sanctuary


White’s Ferry: Crossing the Potomac River for Hundreds of Years


Needy Kids In Virginia Get Supplied for School


Sending Humans to Mars!


Winning Big Fun at County Fairs


South Sudan Musicians Spread Message Through Music


Will Detroit Have to Sell Its Famous Art Collection?


Writer Captures Flavor of Life in Ivory Coast


Photographer Clicks with Street Art of Los Angeles


Rosetta Project Aims to Save Languages for Future Generations


Filmmaking Classes Give Disabled a Creative Outlet


Summer In America: Best Places to Go


"White House Down" Tells Story of Washington Under Attack


Prisoners in California Help Fight Wildfires


Cancer Survivors Share Sisterhood and Support on Dragon Boat Race Teams


Asian Americans in LA Share Tea and Tradition, Bobo Style


Cash Mobs Help Local Businesses and the Economy


Wrestling May Still Be an Olympic Sport


Does ‘Star Trek’ Really Influence Science and Technology?


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