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Stephen Foster, 1826-1864: America's First Popular Songwriter


Boxer Rau’shee Warren Heads to Third Olympics; Mike Tyson Hits Broadway


Ballet’s History Began as a Dance of Power and Influence


Hit Albums from Usher and Others; Vinyl Favored at DC Records Fair; Your English Confessions


Girl Scouts at 100; Confessions of an English Learner; Your Favorite Break-Up Songs


Break-Up Songs: The Sound of a Broken Heart


Gwendolyn Brooks, 1917-2000: First African-American to Win a Pulitzer Prize for Literature


Harry Styles of One Direction: ‘We Work So, So Hard and Play Hard As Well’


Truman Capote, 1924-1984: Created the First Nonfiction Novel With 'In Cold Blood'


Jean Craighead George Spent Her Life in the Wilderness or Writing About It


How Pawn Shops Make Money; Mike Tyson’s Return


Lucille Ball, 1911-1989: Funniest Woman on TV


Short Story: ‘The Exact Science of Matrimony’ by O. Henry


Remembering Two Bright Stars of Music; 'To the Arctic'


'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer Dies at 63


American History: Creativity Reached New Heights During Great Depression


Artie Shaw, 1910-2004: Last Great Musician of the Big Band Era


Short Story: 'The Open Boat' by Stephen Crane (Part 2)


Short Story: ‘The Open Boat’ by Stephen Crane (Part 1)


Short Story: "The Open Boat" Part 1 by Stephen Crane


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