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Humans Increasingly Losing Jobs to Robots


Small, Flying Dinosaur Was Size of a Cat


SpaceX Rocket Explodes With Facebook Satellite on Board


Ring of Fire Eclipse Passes Over Africa


Research Breakthrough for Biodegradable Tires?


Explorers Find 200-Year-Old Sunken Ship in Lake Ontario


Have We Entered a New Geological Period?


Indian Scientists Design Device to Collect Solar Energy


A Laboratory Turns Deadly Insect Venom into Medicine


The Longest Living Vertebrate is… a Shark


Obama to Create World's Largest Marine Park


NASA Finds ‘Lost’ Spacecraft


US Space Agency Prepares for Asteroid Meet-up


Driverless Cars to Carry Uber Passengers in Pittsburgh


Autism-Related Genes Discovered


New Audi Cars Will Communicate with Traffic Signals


Ancient Earth Had More Oxygen than Scientists Thought


Cloud Services Compared


Tesla Hopes Nevada ‘Gigafactory’ Fuels Car Sales


Cold War Waste Could Reappear Due to Global Warming


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