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NASA Successfully Tests New Rocket Engine


Spacecraft Moving in for Jupiter Close-up


‘Hobbit’ Ancestor Bones Found


Australian Spider May be World’s Fastest


Scientists: Gene Editing Should Stay in Laboratories


Solar-Powered Airplane Lands in Spain


Rare Rescue for Sick South Pole Workers


How 3-D Printing Can Create Tissue from Stem Cells


Tech Companies, Privacy Rights Groups to Fight FBI Again


Was Mars -- The Red Planet -- Once White?


Your Phone Might Be Listening to You


What It Takes to Be an Astronaut


Four New Elements Added to Periodic Table


Changes to Twitter Let You Say More in a Tweet


Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Accounts Hacked


Minivan-sized Sponge Found off Hawaii Coast


Travel Apps Offer Direction, Fun


WHO Advises Faster, Cheaper Treatment for Tuberculosis


Knife Cuts on Mastodon Bone Reveal Earlier Humans


Google Announces New Services and Products


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