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Snapchat Prepares $20 Billion IPO, Launches Video Glasses


Experimental Malaria Vaccines Offer Promise


Scientists Discover 50,000-Year-Old 'Super Life' in Mexico


Google Reports Progress in Bringing Internet Service to Rural Areas


Researchers Find Way to Reduce Methane from Cows


NASA: Newly Discovered Planets Could Hold Life Forms


Websites to Find Free Ebooks


Computer Data and the Business of Mind-Reading


Eyes in the Sky Map Amazon on the Ground


India Launches 104 Satellites Into Orbit


Dubai to Launch Self-Flying Air Taxi by July


How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed


How Does Long-Term Space Travel Affect Humans?


Will Wooden Buildings Be Part of Tomorrow's Cities?


Students Compete in Real-Life Test of ‘Hyperloop’ Transportation


Uber Asks NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars


New Technology Helps Move Hearts


The Future of Shopping: 3D Printing and Augmented Reality


Twitter's New Explore Tab


Driverless Electric Buses Tested in Paris, Las Vegas


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