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Why Do People Blink Their Eyes?


How to Turn Your Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


Bumblebee Added to US Endangered Species List


British Start-Up Uses Feathers to Make Building Materials


Airbus to Test Self-Flying ‘Air Taxi’ in 2017


Microsoft Helps People Learn Computer Coding


Search Ends for Malaysia Flight 370, But Mystery Remains


Very Large Crack Creating Iceberg in Antarctica


Norway to End FM Radio Broadcasts


Easy Ways to Unsubscribe from Email Lists


Consumer Electronics Show 2017: Homes Think for Themselves


Researchers Testing New Cancer Treatment


China Space Plan to Develop “Strength and Size”


2016: A Year for Exploring Space


Scientists Looking for Life on Mars


This Robotic Device Is Small Enough to Operate on the Human Eye


Solar Electricity Production Grows in Africa, with U.S. Help


Ready for Takeoff: New Device Makes Personal Flying a Reality


Giraffes Facing ‘Silent Disappearance’ in Africa, Report Says


Planting Chickpeas and Lentils Can Improve Soil


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