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Tanzanian Rats Help in Identifying Tuberculosis


West African Countries Ban "Dirty Diesel"


Will Robots Replace Humans in Food Industry?


AIDS Vaccine Testing Taking Place in South Africa


Researchers: Driverless Scooter Provides Safe and Easy Ride


Weather Predictions Expected to Improve with New U.S. Satellite


New Google App Brings Old Photographs Back to Life


What do Spider Webs and Guitar Strings Have in Common?


Scientists Fear Trump Victory Will Stop Global Warming Progress


Growing Vegetables Without Soil Inside the Home


Two Belarusian Men Invent Simple Prosthetic Arm


3D Device Lets Museum Visitors See Hidden Treasures


Sky Watchers: Look Out for ‘Supermoon’


Robot Can Help With Farm Work


How the Technology Industry Is Helping Refugees


Mars: How Will Humans Get There?


Large Creature Swam the Seas 170 Million Years Ago


New on Facebook: Ordering Food & Buying Tickets


Chimps Finding a Happy Ending


Samsung Halts Production of Problematic Galaxy Note 7


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