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Study: Humans Will Never Live Much Past 115 Years


A Fish That 'Sings' Love Songs?


Ocean 'Blob' Caused Dangerous Algae Bloom


Scientists Create Realistic Model of Dinosaur


Coming Soon to the Office: Facebook at Work


Japanese Scientist Wins Nobel in Medicine


Melting Arctic Sea Ice Shows Global Warming


Newest Service Robots Act Like Humans


Meltwater Lakes in Antarctica Show Signs of Trouble


Report: Smoking May Permanently Damage Genetic Material


American Businessman Announces Plans for Mars Colony


Scientists Advise: Low-Salt Diet Not for Everyone


New Information Adds to Understanding of Black Holes


China’s Involvement in British Nuclear Power Plant Debated


A Watery Flight to the Moon


Tiny Devices for Studying the Brain From the Inside


Using Electromagnetic Waves to Fight Depression


Pulp from Plants Makes Packaging More Earth-Friendly


Rocket Explosion Hurts Facebook’s Internet Plans for Africa


New Rockets Announced in Private Space Race


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