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Flooded Trains Show Disaster Risks in Japan

Typhoon Hagibis struck Japan with unusual force and wind speeds last week.

The storm produced heavy rainfall and flooding in many areas. The water caused landslides as well as floods that left people trapped on building tops.

Newspapers and other media published images of bullet trains, known to Japanese as Shinkansen, that were flooded in Nagano, a mountainous area northwest of Tokyo. The pictures show the ability of natural disasters to slow down modern life.

Experts say periods of calm can cause a false sense of security in a country inured to danger by the threat of earthquakes, tsunami and volcanos.

"Weather conditions in Japan up to now have been relatively moderate," noted Toshitaka Katada, an expert on disasters and a professor at the University of Tokyo.

Katada said Japan's readiness for disasters is still based on information collected many years ago.

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