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What Will Russia’s $15 Billion Investment in the World Cup Buy?

The FIFA World Cup soccer championship in Russia is the most costly ever held.

Officials say the total cost will be $15 billion.

Close to $3 billion has been spent on 12 new or improved stadiums. At least $8 billion has been spent on infrastructure, including new roads, railroads and airports.

Now, experts question whether there will be a good return for the Russian taxpayer.

Professor Leonid Grigoryev is an economist at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. He offers an unusual answer. He compares the World Cup to a wedding dress.

"On one hand, it's necessary. It makes everybody happy," Grigoryev told VOA. "The exact economic efficiency definitely cannot be defined in American quarterly financial reports. It's a long-term story. We still hope to become not only a hockey country, but a football country."

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