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Many Economists Expect Slow Recovery from COVID-19

Very few economists expect a strong economic recovery worldwide after the coronavirus health crisis ends, a new study found.

The Reuters news agency says it spoke with more than 250 economists and only 15 predicted what is called a "V-Shaped" recovery. A V-shaped recovery is one where the numbers rise quickly after a sharp drop.

Many of those questioned predicted a slower recovery or one with a lot of ups and downs before a long period of economic expansion.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said the United States economy would "skyrocket" as soon as the health crisis passes.

Some economists, however, say they believe a full recovery will take time.

The economists who talked to Reuters say one of the biggest questions is how to fuel economic activity without causing a jump in COVID-19 cases. Health experts are worried about the disease spreading when people once again return to stores, travel, and play.

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