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DNC sues Russia, Trump ‘co-conspirators’ over 2016 election meddling

JUDY WOODRUFF: The claim that President Trumpstole the 2016 election is going to federal


A Democratic Party lawsuit today alleges aconspiracy and seeks civil damages.

It comes as the president is also doing battlewith former FBI Director James Comey.

Yamiche Alcindor begins our coverage.

YAMICHE ALCINDOR: The list of defendants inthe Democratic National Committee's multimillion-dollar

federal lawsuit reads like a who's-who ofTrump associates.

The president himself is not among them, butthe DNC is suing the Trump campaign, the president's

son, Donald Trump Jr., the president's son-in-lawand White House adviser, Jared Kushner, longtime

associate Roger Stone, and the indicted formerTrump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

It also includes WikiLeaks, and the site'sfounder, Julian Assange.

Russia, and the country's main military intelligenceunit, the GRU, sit at the top of the list

of defendants.

The DNC's central allegation?

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