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News Wrap: Hundreds charged in Barcelona protests

In the day's other news: Turkey showed nosign of stopping its widening war in Northeast

Syria, despite new sanctions announced bythe U.S.

More Turkish military vehicles deployed towardSyria during the day, and, after nightfall,

Turkish rockets pounded Kurdish forces aroundRas al-Ayn.

Meanwhile, France and others warned that theU.S. withdrawal in Northeast Syria and the

Turkish offensive will lead to chaos.

EDOUARD PHILIPPE, French Prime Minister (throughtranslator): Each day, each hour that passes,

we can see the devastating consequences ofthese decisions.

This is devastating for civilian populations,who packed the roads to flee the fighting.

This is devastating for our security, as Ihave said, with the inevitable resurgence

of Islamic State in Northeastern Syria andprobably also in Northwest Iraq.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Also today, Russia extendedits influence in the region, sending troops

with Syrian units who took the town of Manbij.

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