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Why another flu pandemic is likely just a matter of when

JUDY WOODRUFF: Tonight, we begin a specialseries about the threat from influenza.

Every year, the seasonal flu emerges and killstens of thousands of Americans and hundreds

of thousands globally.

But there is an even graver concern.

Public health officials fear the emergenceof a new, previously unknown flu virus that

could be far more lethal and become a pandemicby spreading across the world.

As William Brangham reports, it's happenedbefore.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The heart and the beating?

AUTUMN REDDINGER, Survived Influenza: Theheart and my heartbeat, yes, because, of course,

I didn't have a beating heart for a littlebit.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Six years ago, Autumn Reddingerstarted feeling sick.

But she was a 33-year-old mom, really healthy.

And so she didn't think much of it.

AUTUMN REDDINGER: It was two days after Christmas,and I just kind of felt a little junky, you

know, a little cough here and there, but nothinghorrible.

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