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News Wrap: Trump attacks 16 states challenging his emergency declaration

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Trump insisted todaythat he had, in his words, an absolute right

to declare a national emergency, that afterCalifornia and 15 other states challenged

the declaration in federal court.

They said diverting military funds to builda southern border wall will hurt their economies

and military bases.

Mr. Trump predicted that he will win the courtfight.

In a tweet, he also attacked the 16 states,saying they are -- quote -- "led mostly by

open border Democrats and the radical left."

Separately, the president today denied askingMatt Whitaker, who was then, acting attorney

general, to have an ally run a key investigation.

It involved hush money payments to women claimingaffairs with Mr. Trump.

The New York Times reports that the presidentasked for Geoffrey Berman, a federal prosecutor

in New York, to run the investigation.

Berman had previously recused himself fromthe case.

Mr. Trump today branded it as -- quote -- "fakenews."

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