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Is It Good to Be an 'Eager Beaver?'

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Now, it’s time for , a program from VOA Learning English.

Each week, we explore words and expressions in American English. Today’s expression comes from the world of animals!

The expression is “eager beaver.”

By definition, an eager beaver is a person who seems full of energy and a good attitude.

These people are willing to do what others expect and often do things as quickly as they can. And they are enthusiastic!

A great word that means the same thing (a synonym) is go-getter. A person who is a real go-getter gets the job done!

For an example of how to use the term eager beaver, try to imagine a mathematics class.

The teacher tells students that they must solve 100 math problems before coming to school the next day. Most of the students are unhappy about having so much homework!

But not all.

A few students do not mind the work at all. They are eager beavers. They love to do math problems and cannot wait to get started.

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