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Don't Find Yourself 'In Hot Water'

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Now, the VOA Learning English program .

On this program we talk about common expressions in the English language and we explain how to use them. And today we talk about something we’ve all experienced -- getting into trouble.

But why just say you are in trouble when you can use a more descriptive “water” expression!?

When you are in hot water you are in deep trouble. I mean, you have really made a mess of things.

The expression to be in hot water was used more than 500 years ago to mean being in trouble.

One story says that the meaning comes from the custom of throwing boiling water down on enemies attacking a castle.

Of course, that is no longer the custom. But we still use the expression “in hot water.”

Okay. So, when we are in hot water, we are in trouble. And that trouble can be serious or not so serious.

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