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Where 'Quarantine' Comes From

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And now, from VOA Learning English.

In human history, the spread of infectious diseases to mass numbers of people is not uncommon.

Pandemics, historians say, started when we humans began farming land and living in communities. Pandemics increased as trade between communities and nations increased.

From smallpox to influenza to the plague, there was often no medical treatment to prevent or cure these diseases. Take for example, the plague that hit Europe in the 14th century.

It is also known as the “Black Death.”

With no medical prevention available, isolating the sick was the only effective public health defense.

With many other pandemics, the best chance at prevention was to keep sick people away from healthy people. This is called a quarantine.

And that is our word for today.

Word experts at Merriam-Webster explain that the word “quarantine” has both French and Italian influences.

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